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Kimchi Dumpling Soup (Mandu Guk)

Makes about 40-45 dumplings.

Making the Dumpling Wrappers

3 cups All purpose flour

1 Tbsp Kosher Salt

1 Tbsp Oil

3/4 - 1 cup Water


1. Put flour, salt, and oil in a food processor and spin it for a few seconds.

2. Add water to the mixture and process until well mixed.  If necessary, add a table spoon of water each time you process it. You want to have a firm but still soft dough.

3. Put dough in a bowl and kneed several times to make it more smooth.

4. Take a small chunk of dough from the bowl and shape into a cylinder about the thickness of a cucumber. Cut it into half inch thick small medallions.

5. Using a roller or empty wine bottle, roll out each medallion on a floured surface, make round flat wrappers in about 4 inches diameter.

* You can also use ready made dumpling wrappers sold at grocery stores.


Making the Dumpling Filling

1 cup Spicy Kimchi made with napa cabbage, chopped

1 cup Ground pork

½ cup Ground beef

½ cup Yellow Onion, fine chopped

½ cup firm or extra firm tofu, water squeezed out and minced using a fork or side of a knife blade

1 tsp Kosher salt

1 Tbsp Soy sauce

1/2 tsp Sesame Oil


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and thoroughly mix it. This can be made a couple of days in advance and refrigerated.

Assembling the Dumplings

1. Place about a tbsp of filling in the center of the wrapper. After moistening the edge of the wrapper with water, fold it in half to make a half-moon shape.  With forefinger and thumb, pinch the dumpling closed, pressing out any air pockets.

2. Hold the half moon in your hands, bring both ends together and glue them together using your fingers.


Cooking the Dumplings

Chicken broth (or any type of broth you prefer)

Rice Cake (optional)

Roasted Nori

Green Onions, sliced


1. Bring broth to a boil.

2. When the broth starts boiling, add the dumplings and cook as you would cook ravioli

3. If the water is boiling too harsh, lower the heat as the dumplings can break.

4. After about 4-5 minutes, the dumplings will be cooked and will float in the broth.

5. If you like, add slices of rice cake together with the dumplings

6. Serve the dumpling soup garnished with roasted nori and sliced green onions.



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