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Mild Napa Kimchi - 4 pack

  • $36.00
Are you surprised to see there is Kimchi not spicy at all? You'll be surprised again once you try this Kimchi. This traditional North Korean Kimchi is so refreshing, clean, and zing! Finish it to the last drop of Kimchi juice too!
Originated from the northern part of Korea. Slightly sweeter with a fruity flavor and a tantalizing zing that lingers on your palate. Great for condiment with any meal. Or try a shot of juice. I call it ‘bio veggie soda’!
Napa Cabbage, Radish, Carrot, Water, 100% apple juice, Sea Salt, Yellow Onion,  Garlic, Ginger, Brown Seaweed.

Flavor and Pairing:
This Kimchi may look bland, but it’s a big mistake if you think it will taste bland, too. We add apple juice and carrot to it, which creates such a subtle fruity sweetness. Drink the juice that comes with this kimchi and you will understand how the champagne bottle feels when the cork is popped. You brain will clear and your belly will feel as if the juice is literally collecting all the dirt in the gut on the way out. The more you munch on this kimchi, the more it will grow on you, and you will want to eat everything with it. Plus, if you love kimchi but spicy food is not on your diet plan, this is the kimchi to try.
Pair it with fish, chicken, a sandwich, tofu, or salad.
*A portion of profit from this North Korean Kimchi is donated to

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Customer Reviews

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love this kimchi, very clean & fresh

Love This Product

I love this! Not one to eat spicey foods because my stomach doesn't like it. The mild is perfect for me.

I have tried Kimchi before and never liked it, but this one... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I need the probiotic's in my diet, Working to heal a lot of damage from heavy duty medications I had to take for 7 yrs.

My diet is fully organic, Whole Foods, so... do you have an organic Kimchi? This would be my best option.

Lori Schwartz
Mild and Spicy Kimchi

Both of these are my favorite. I am frequently order both of these. Fresh and tasty. Love it.

Mary S
Big flavor - without the heat!

My husband and I love spicy foods, but sometimes we just *need* something a little mellower, and the Mild Napa Kimchi is the perfect fit. Lots of flavor, but no heat. I had previously purchased it from another source, but I couldn't get it there anymore, so I was thrilled to find I could order directly from Sinto! The shipping was timely, the packaging was great and we loved the insert that answered any questions we might have. We'll definitely be back!

My Favorite Kimchi

I love this Kimchi!! It is my favorite above all others. It is mild, not spicy, and oh so delicious. I love it as a snack, as an addition to soup, avocado toast, salad, you name it!

Fatima Azzahra 10:00 AM