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Kimchi - Spicy Red Napa Cabbage

  • $10.00

This is the most common form of Kimchi made with Napa Cabbage, a little bit of Daikon radish, and seasoned with red pepper powder to provide a spicy kick. Most ingredients are locally sourced. Handmade and naturally fermented, it is a truly wholesome food, good for anyone with diet restrictions (gluten free) and it’s vegan.


Napa Cabbage, Water, Red Pepper Powder, Radish, Sea Salt, Yellow Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Kelp Powder.

Flavor and Pairing:

What’s refreshing about our kimchi is that it has less seasoning (less salt) and no fish sauce (instead, we use seaweed powder), yet the flavor is bold and complex through natural fermentation. The first thing you taste is the bright tanginess of kimchi lingering in your mouth and the crunchy texture of cabbage dictating your pallet. You will taste salty, sweet, and spicy kicking in at last.

This kimchi is everyday kimchi and pairs well with any type of meals you put on the table. You can also cook with this kimchi as an ingredient and create a wonderful meal. For mouth watering recipes, please check out our recipe section.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Paul Rose
Great Flavor with a kick!

I’m picky about my Kimchi, and have to order Sinto through the mail. None of my local stores have it, and their brands don’t compare to Sinto in my opinion.


Love them all will be returning to purchase more once I finish these 😋


Best store bought kimchi you can find

Jeannie Kinney
Spicy Red Kimchi

It was just ok, just a little sour. Not as good as our local kimchi made in NW Minnesota!

Liz Lamson
Trying new Kimchi

It is good. But, we enjoy the more spicy Korean kimchi. Thanks for the product, though.

Fatima Azzahra 10:00 AM