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Plenty Roots - 4 pack

  • $36.00
Made with beet and carrots, it's explotions of fiber, magnasium, beta carotene, and other nutritions at its best. It's a true harmony or Yin and Yang. Try with salmon, chicken, or add it to your salad and sandwich.
Inspired from cooking for a friend who went through cancer treatment in 2014, I decided to bring anti oxidant ingredients into a jar. Using organic roots grown in California naturally fermented in the style of a traditional Korean Kimchi ‘Dong Chi Mi’, It’s a true harmony of Yin and Yang and I hope this brings balance to your health and mind.
*Red Beets, *Carrots,  Water, *Yellow Onion, Sea Salt, *Ginger, *Dried Orange Peel, 
Certified Non-GMO and Organic
Flavor and Pairing:
Tara Duggan from the San Francisco Chronicle described Plenty Roots as “earthy and floral” with a hint of ginger and orange at the end. This kimchi is not spicy, but is quite tangy and has an amazing crunchy texture.
One of the favorite ways I enjoy this kimchi is with a steak and mashed potato. I often serve a bowl of this kimchi on the side of a whole bird or a block of rib eye steak at a special holiday dinner table. It goes well with any meat dish and the striking ruby red color never fails to wow the guests. I also add it to sushi rolls, spring rolls, sandwiches, etc. Adding it to a salad for extra texture and tanginess is also another good way to enjoy.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My absolute favorite kimchi

So glad to find the fermented root vegetables without cabbage, these are simply delicious!!

Mareene Abarca
Inconsistent flavor

I have been patronizing this business since almost the beginning, I even attended a live demo by the owner from Glenpark SFPL. My children and I really love plenty roots. I have started buying it from good eggs since they stopped carrying it at Rainbow grocery and Whole Foods. I have ordered directly from the company just to try and figure out the difference in quality. The once I bought from from you guys has an expiration of 6/23 and tasted fresh just like I remember it. The nuance of flavors like the ginger and orange peel is visible. After My kids Have devoured it in a week and half (8 packs). I went back to ordering from good eggs. The flavor was good just like the once I ordered from you guys (same expiration 6/23 with a few days in differences). Now yesterday my order came with and expiration of 06/02/23 (6 packs), and it was overly fermented. It was sour with a bitter after taste and the vegetables were soft no crunch at all. My kids did not like it. I am just wondering why the flavor is so inconsistent when they all have almost the same expiration month? I always order multiple packs almost weekly. I have also reached out to you guys a few years back about the same issue. The owner offered a refund, I declined. I just want it addressed. Is nit the way googeggs stores your products? You can cross reference it to the company.I used the same email for my orders with them. I really want to continue supporting you guys. I hope you can do something about it. Thank you!

Barbara Haddad
Careful packaging & timely arrival

Good earthy flavor , a bit firm and chewy raw. Would be good in cooking or topping a salad . Could use more ginger.

My best ever find

I love all my order it has the best taste of any that I have tried I will definitely be ordering from you again whenever I need more kimchi just love the taste

Fatima Azzahra 10:00 AM