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Gochu Jang Cheese Rice

If you have left over rice, vegetables, canned tuna, or corn...anything left over you can mix in the rice. Gochu Jang is the key ingredient to bring this cheese melting rice  to add some heat. It's also very good for a lunch box. Prepare everything in a container and just microwave for a couple of minutes in your office. you'll love it!   


1 cup       Steamed Rice

1 T + 1t    Gochu Jang

1/2 T        Sesame Oil

1/2 t         Sugar 

1t              Soy Sauce 

1/3 cup     Canned Tuna, liquid drained 

1/3 cup     Corn 

3/4 cup     Shredded Chedar or Mozzarella Cheese 

Garnish Green Onion (Optional)  


  1. Mix steamed rice, Gochu Jang, Sesame Oil, Sugar, and soy sauce 
  2. Add tuna and corn in the rice. Mix everything well together 
  3. Cover the top of rice with cheese evenly
  4. Microwave it for about 2 minutes 
  5. Garnish with green onions 


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Fatima Azzahra 10:00 AM