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Featured Kimchi Fried Rice

This recipe was developed by Carley Smith of The Fairy Gutmother, and featured on FOX31 Denver!


5 eggs, scrambled (about 1C scrambled)

2C brown rice, cooked (try cooking in bone broth for added nutrients and flavor!)

1/2C Sinto Gourmet Spicy Red Napa Cabbage Kimchi + 2TBS kimchi juice 

2TBS coconut aminos

1/2C carrots, finely chopped

1/2C peas, thawed

1/4tsp sea salt 

1 lime, juice + zest

2 sprigs green onion, chopped

2TBS cilantro, chopped


Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl and toss until well mixed. Add extra sea salt or coconut aminos if necessary. Enjoy!

Fatima Azzahra 10:00 AM